KAMARQGROUP is promoting the furniture 2.0 concept.
Furniture 2.0 is about redefining the purpose,
materials used, production, distribution, and price of furniture from an IT/IoT perspective.

KAMARQGROUP will create and sell products based on these new concepts
with a business plan that combines furniture,
IoT, and subscription services.


From their factories in Indonesia,

KAMARQGROUP has the know-how and ability to produce OEM/ODM furniture
for Japanese businesses that pass strict Japanese standards.

Fast fashion refers to mass-production of low-cost fashion
that follow the latest trends and have fast production turnarounds.
Although this system has been gaining popularity around the world,
mass-producing low-cost items often leads to a drop of product quality
as well as harming the environment.

In order to deal with the low-quality
and negative environmental impact mass-production of low-cost products lead to,
KAMARQGROUP makes sure to use only the highest quality of lumber
as well as raw materials strengthened
by fiber and chips from scrap building material and thinned wood,
all of which have also been tested to fight against sick building syndrome.

KAMARQGROUP will make eco-friendly products while working to maintain
the low-costs consumers desire.


KAMARQGROUP's stance on IoT is to implement
it in a way that blends in naturally to the everyday lifestyles of consumers.

To accomplish this,

KAMARQGROUP develops its own original micro-gateways
(devices used to connect two different networks to the internet)
that don't harm or interfere with the look and feel of the furniture.

For its first product,
KAMARQGROUP implemented an internal amp and developed
the 3G-capable gateway MOSES.
KAMARQGROUP included sensors to measure temperature, humidity, luminosity, and activity,
as well as developed the Wi-Fi-capable gateway MONOLITH.

The technology used to maintain a secure connection
between the gateway and the cloud has also been internally developed.

Through software updates,
the gateways will evolve to allow connections to third party products and services.

KAMARQGROUP aims to create a future
where all of your furniture is connected using their original gateways.


In recent years,

online music and software subscription services have helped
the subscription model become widely accepted,
while sharing services for clothing, transportation, and room-sharing
continue to change our perception of what it means to own/use objects and services.

Although furniture has been viewed primarily
as valued personal possessions for years,
KAMARQGROUP believes that adding a subscription model
to these household objects will allow consumers more freedom
in how they interact and use each piece of furniture.

For example, by joining a monthly subscription service,
users will be able to use KAMARQGROUP original products
for as long or as short as they please,
giving them the flexibility to change furniture
to fit their daily lifestyle in accordance to their own personal changes,
such as getting married or having children.

KAMARQGROUP hopes to change the perception of furniture
from objects that are owned to objects that are used,
creating a brand-new relationship between consumers and their furniture.