KAMARQ HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. adds 400 million yen in funding.
IoT furniture brand KAMARQ HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. (HQ: Singapore, Founder/CEO: Naoki Wada) has successfully raised 400 million yen in funding through a partnership with LIFULL CO. LTD., a company that runs popular real estate services like LIFULL HOME'S.

◎Purpose of the Fundraising
With their corporate message of "giving fulfillment to various lifestyles," LIFULL CO. LTD. is a company that provides lifestyle information services that customers can use to find a more fulfilling, safe, and happy life. On the other side, KAMARQ HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. is currently creating products with brand-new concepts, such as fusing IoT into furniture, exemplified through their SOUND TABLE product. The two companies have formed an investment partnership after realizing the high compatibility of their businesses could lead to the creation of future-focused living and lifestyle opportunities by combining KAMARQ's IoT furniture business with LIFULL's real estate services like LIFULL HOME's and other group services, such as private lodging and interior design.

◎Investing Company LIFULL CO. LTD. Information
Name LIFULL Co., Ltd.
CEO Takashi Inoue
Address 1-4-4, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083, Japan
Founded March 12th, 1997
Business operations Real Estate Services
-Operates the real estate/housing portal site "LIFULL HOME'S", home to the largest number of real estate entries*. *Based on Sankei Advertising research data (as of January 30th, 2018)
Other Business
-Subscription flower service "LIFULL FLOWER"
◎KAMARQ HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. Information Behind their "expanding your world" tagline, KAMARQ is an IoT furniture venture company that aims to provide revolutionary, streamlined products that give you more space to live your life the way you want. For their first project, KAMARQ developed SOUND TABLE, a speaker-infused table that can connect to your smartphone and play music and ambient sounds that reflect the weather outside.
Founder/CEO Naoki Wada
Address 80 Robinson Road #10-01A 068898 Singapore
Business Operations Furniture Planning, production and sales; E-commerce; Production of M2M, built-in software drivers and IoT hardware/software

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FAX: 03-6869-0449
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