Singapore-based reverse-import brand KAMARQ merges with business-focused IoT solution developer ComZeit, INC.
KAMARQ HOLDINGS (HQ: Singapore, Founder/CEO: Naoki Wada), a venture furniture company aiming to "expand your world" with original products that follow a brand-new "Furniture x IT" concept, has merged with ComZeit, INC. (HQ: Kanoya, Kagoshima, CEO: Michikazu Iwakura), a company that specializes in developing solutions for IoT products and equipment management and control.

  Through this merger, KAMARQ aims to expand their IoT-infused furniture business into the world market as one of the top players from Japan and Southeast Asia. Also, the 2 companies plan to use their newfound synergy to create brand-new services as well as upgrading current services in order to prepare a business format suited for international sales.
  ComZeit's business consists of preparing, analyzing, and controlling IoT services and solutions used in large buildings in addition to providing IoT management solutions for use in factories that adhere to industry 4.0 standards. Recently ComZeit has begun providing solutions for large-scale nursing homes using data from state-of-the-art non-contact vital sensors. 

1. Purpose of the Merger
  Through this merger, KAMARQ and ComZeit aim to create an IoT-ready furniture brand that has the strength to compete in the world market. Combining ComZeit's experience in providing solutions and strong technological foundations for companies with KAMARQ's ability to expand in both consumer and commercial sectors will lead the newly merged companies to create brand-new products, technologies, and services that will help users expand their world, all with polished, sophisticated designs.

2. Background Details and Future of the Merger 
  ComZeit will be the surviving company from the merger. There will be no allotment of extra funds or stocks, as well as no increase of capital or creation of new stocks. The goal is to provide high-quality furniture with top-class IoT systems that are infused in ways that don't interfere with the look or daily function of each product. 

[Company Details]
Name: ComZeit, INC.
Address: 1-24-20-9 Fudamoto, Kanoya, Kagoshima JAPAN 893-0013
CEO: Michikazu Iwakura
Business Operations: Developing IoT and M2M solutions, sales and development of network software, consultation with regards to highly-specialized systems.
Capital: 10,000,000yen
Founded: March 1st, 2002
URL: http://www.kamarqx.jp/

[Company Information]
Founder/CEO: Naoki Wada
Business Operations: Planning and developing smart products and smart-home applications,
Founded: June 11th, 2014
URL: https://kamarq.net/

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